The Rising Popularity Of Blogs

Initially blogging took off with a slow speed however later on the popularity of blogs increased rapidly. The rise in popularity of blogs took place in the year 1999 and in subsequent years when the art of blogging spread and hence more and more started making use of blogs to express or share their views on the internet. The rising popularity of blogs further got strengthen with the arrival of the first hosted blog tools:

• A blog liked site named as Open Diary was launched by Bruce Ableson in the month of October in 1998. It was an instant hit and gave birth to multiple numbers of online diaries on the internet. The Open Diary is given the credit of introducing the concept of reader comment, thus becoming the first blog community on the internet where readers were able to post their comments to other writers' blog entries, which is the most is as important feature of a blog.

• The popularity of blogs further gained some more momentum with the launching of LiveJournal in the month of March 1999. It was launced by Brad Fitzpatrick.

• Another blogging site named as was started by Andrew Smales in the month of July in 1999 by Andrew Smales. The main idea behind creating this blog was to facilitate an easier alternative to maintaining a news page on a Web site. The popularity of blogs reached new lights with the launching of various new sites.

• Blogger was introduced in the month of August 1999 and was also an instant hit. It was bought by Google in 2003 from its founders Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan of Pyra Labs.

With the rise in popularity of blogs, there were many changes which took place in the blogging world. The rise in popularity of blogs tools such as the Blogger also changed the way of blog posting and thus also changed the content of weblogs. What has started as link-driven web pages providing alternative viewpoints on news and other subjects, weblogs started to clash with online journals. Blogger-style tools allowed links and commentary to quickly grow into longer essays type content and diaries on the internet. The News blogs popularity also increased tremendously with the advent of blogging tools and more and more awareness in general public towards blogs.