Blogs And Personal Safety

Blogs and personal safety is an important point of discussion these days in the online world. Since, one of the aftermaths of blogging is personal assaults or bullying of the blogger and that too without any evident reason to do so.

One such incident of blogging and personal safety being breached is of Kathy Sierra, who used to be blogger of the innocuous blog named as the Creating Passionate Users, was targeted by vicious threats and misogynistic insults that she had to cancel her keynote speech at a technology conference in San Diego, fearing for her personal safety while blogging.

The anonymity of bloggers in the online world is generally sacrificed as it is quite thin and can be easily disclosed. The Internet trolls who would attack a blogger with threats or insults which can be emboldened anonymity. Sierra and her inline supporters started online discussion on the topic of personal safety for bloggers and which was aimed at countering abusive online behavior and developed a boggler’s code of conduct.

The Blogger's Code of Conduct was a blogs and personal safety which was offered by the Tim O'Reilly for online bloggers to implement courtesy on their blogs by being polite themselves and moderating comments on their blog. The code of conduct for blogs and personal safety was proposed because of the fact that many threats were made to blogger Kathy Sierra. The main aim behind proposing the code was first reported by BBC News.

The code of conduct which was offered to ensure personal safety for bloggers as proposed by O’Reilly and others came up with a list of seven ideas which are mentioned below. Let us take a look:

• Blogger must take responsibility for his own words as well as for the comments which are posted by other people on the blog being handled by the blogger.
• Bloggers must set a tolerance level for insulting comments.
• Bloggers must think of deleting the anonymous comments.
• Bloggers need to ignore the trolls.
• Bloggers must carry on the conversation offline, and communicate directly, or find an intermediary.
• If blogger find someone behaving badly, he must tell them so directly.
• Bloggers must not say anything online that they wouldn't have said in person.