Blogs And Employment Liabilities

There are certain social liabilities of blogs which one has to be aware of while blogging. One such important class is of blogs and employment liabilities.

In case where employees who are involved in blogging or who maintain their own blogs and discuss their employment related things on blogs, there is possibility of them being leaving an impact on the brand value of their employer. In other words, there have been so cases where one can easily find references of employment liabilities and blogs. Many employee bloggers have tried hard in the past every step to protect their privacy under wraps by maintaining anonymity on the blog sites but unfortunately it had proved ineffective. Mentioned below are some of the famous examples discussing the social liabilities of blogs in many of the examples taken from blogs and employment liabilities cases appeared in the courts.

One such famous incidence relating to issue of employment liabilities and blogs is of Erik Ringmar. He was serving as a senior lecturer at the London School of Economics. In 2006 he was given orders by the convenor of his department to take down and destroy" his blog where he had discussed the quality of education at the school.

There have been so many incidences where employers have either forced employees involved in blogging to take down their blogs or stop blogging at all. Another famous incidence showing the consequences of social liabilities of blogs and especially employment liabilities and blogs is related to Mark Cuban, who is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. He also had to pay a fine during the 2006 NBA playoffs because he criticized NBA officials in his blog.

Another incident relating to the blogs and employment liabilities talks about how Gaurav Sabnis, who was an employ of IBM and his posts on a blog site helped in exposing the false claims of a management school, IIPM, resulted in management of IIPM intimidating to burn their IBM laptops as a sign of protest against him. The result of his blogging was that he had to resign from IBM.