Meeting Minutes, what you wish your iPad would do in meetings!

Are you a professional who attends a lot of meetings? Do you prefer to leave everything on your desk and bring only your iPad to the meeting?

Meeting Minutes was designed to help you (1) Manage all your coming, current and past meetings and (2) Take notes during the meeting in all forms.

Outside the meeting room, Meeting Minutes can be used to plan, schedule (and sync with Calendar) and archive meetings for future reference.

During the meeting, Meeting Minutes takes notes in all forms from text, handwriting and drawings to audio (tagged with speakers' names) and a visual of the seating arrangement. You can also use it to create action points and assign them to owners either attending or not attending the meeting.

The Meeting Minutes Documents Drawer keeps all relevant documents. From the Document Drawer, documents can be associated with meetings and opened in the Document Preview pane during the meeting.

After the meeting, Meeting Minutes automatically generates a MoM document that can be edited, printed, saved, emailed or exported to the DropBox. Meeting Minutes also keeps a record of every meeting along with all details and related documents for future reference.

Last but not least, we have a dedicated and responsive customer support team. Please send any questions, issues or suggestions to

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