Blogs And Mass Media

Although both blogs and mass media are channels which provide information, however some bloggers are of the opinion that mass media and blogs don’t belong to same kind. To know more about blogs and mass media, go through the given review which presents a clear picture on the relationship shared by blogs and mass media.

The bloggers, especially those bloggers who are practicing the public journalism or the street journalism consider blogs different from the mainstream mass media. Whereas, many institutions consider blogging as a channel to get around the filter, exposing the information in its real form to the general public

There are many critics who are concerned about the fact that unlike mass media journalists, bloggers don’t care for the copyrights and do not care for copyrights and also don’t have any respect for the role of the mass media in presenting society with credible news.

Talking about the relationship shared by blogs and mass media, there are large number journalists of mainstream media who write their own blogs also. According to an estimate there are around 300 such bloggers. For the fist time in the history of blogs and mass media, the use of a blog on a news site took place in August 1998, when chronicling Hurricane Bonnie was published by Jonathan Dube of The Charlotte Observer. On the other hand, there are numerous bloggers who have already switched to other mediums. Famous names in the world of blogs and mass media who have worked in media such as television and radio mediums are Duncan Black Glenn Reynolds, Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, Alex Steffen, Ana Marie Cox, Nate Silver and Ezra Klein.

When talking about blogs and mass media, we can say hat blogs have a greater impact on the minority languages, thus helping to bringing together the disconnected speakers and learners which otherwise lack the economic feasibility in case of traditional mass media coverage.