Types of Blogs

There are so many different types of blogs being popular these days. It is important to note that blogs are not only different from one another on the basis of type of content they have but they also differ from one another on the basis of the manner in which content is presented on them. To this point, various types of blogs are mainly categorized on the basis of the genre they belong to such as personal blogs, business blogs, political blogs, news blogs, non-profit blogs and so on.

Defined below are some of the main kinds of blogs. Let us take a look:

Among the different blogs type, the personal blogs belong to the largest category of blogs which comprises of blogs relating to personal topics such as music, travel, family health, politics and so on.

Business types of blogs are related to professional category and they usually belong to professionals ranging from real estate professionals to lawyers and stock brokers and even doctors. Professionals from varied fields are making use of blogging sites to share their expertise, and various business houses companies have come to realize the power of blogs to personally engage with their customers.

WordPress is a very popular blog which is popular among the teachers and students communities for educational purposes such as facilitating collaborate among different groups regarding classroom projects.

These kinds of blogs are used by non-profit foundations, charities, and human rights activities groups as a medium to raise awareness among people and also raising money for their causes.

News Blogs
Thus, news blogs are those online sites which are updated on by news bloggers on regular basis. There are so many kinds of news blogs which provide latest news, worlds news, and top news headlines from diverse fields such as entertainment, movies, sports, career, and technology and so on

Politics types of blogs are mainly used by Members of parliament, political parties, and government agencies for the purpose of getting connected with their respective constituencies to gain more insights into local matters.

Military blogs type are used by members of the military and they are highly sensible and only members are allowed to post content and comments on these kinds of blogs.

There are dedicated sports blogs on the internet where so many teams, athletes, and fans make use of blogs to express and share their passion for different kinds of sports.

There are many people who prefer to keep their blogs private and thus share photos and other personal information within close friends and families only.